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EDIT 3: Reopen! check out the journal link below

EDIT 2: and thusly the commissions are closed. since i already have finished several of them, i am going to very likely reopen them later this week. stay tuned!
EDIT: commission journal has been updated  commissions/art trades (reopen!)sup nerds. back at it with even more commission/art trade slots, wassup with that right
but... i mean, i already got everything done, motivation and binge drawing really does wonders, trust me.
that said, i'm going to reopen slots. however, there's only gonna be 2 art trade slots and 3 commission slots this time, just to be safe. but that said, i'm back at it!
same rules as before.
so here's the policy for both commissions and art trades:
i will draw:
gore (some of it!!
spooky stuff
i wont draw:
mature art (ask if you want specifications
sonic art
mlp art
fetish art (ask if you want specifications
ask if you want specifications on anything
1: if you wish to enter for a chance to get a slot, comment with a character ref and what you'd get from the offers below (art trade or commission, and clarify what you want.)
2: for art trades, i expect for it to be an eye for eye thing. if you want a s

manqarrow is finally free from school
for like 9 days

and the plan is.... actually be productive. unheard of, right?
recently i've been drawing quite a bit. object analysi, anatomy, lineart, and cel shading experimentation. none of which is posted to dA (except for this: Seal Daddy which was posted by the person it was for)

what i'm gonna do is open up commission slots, probably about 3-5, but i'm not gonna do them until... sometime this week, i'll figure that out
i'm going to open and close a couple of the options to accomodate for my newfound time yet lack of certain materials, you'll find out what's what when they reopen.

i'm also going to offer art trades in the same journal, which you'll find information about the time of which it's, well, posted.

also gonna experiment with some animation too and start to work on my very first MAP part for a hamilton hell map of 680 parts, which is cr a z y. i might try a couple of memes just to try and get used to the scheme, not because i necessarily like the genre of animation memes as a whole

that said, yeah, spring break



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